29 juli 2010

Woodwing over de kosten van hun iPad workflow

Nou goed, NIET eventjes rust dus ;-)
Deze wilde ik jullie toch niet onthouden: een blog van Woodwing over de kosten van hun iPad workflow oplossing. Sluit aan op wat ik hier al eerder heb geschreven.
En let op Adobe's oplossing, binnenkort op Adobe Labs!


So let me provide some clarity on our pricing.

First of all it's important to realize that our iPad solution is based on ourEnterprise publishing system, so it's more than just a plugin for InDesign. A minimal Enterprise configuration consist of:

Enterprise Server which needs a database (like MySQL) and a WebServer (like Apache). This might sound heavier than it is: it can easily be run on a MacMini or even desktop or notebook.

Plugins for InDesign to connect to the Server and to add Digital Magazine functionality to efficiently create slideshows, hotspots, links etc.

Content Station, a client application to manage your content and digital magazine.

Adding this all up the software license costs for such a minimal configuration is 5,000 euro. Add extra (concurrent) users for approx. 1,500 - 2,000 per user, which price obviously goes down on volume.

Further you need a license for our iPad Reader App that runs on the iPad. We have different editions ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 euro.

I leave it up to you whether this is expensive or not...

Aanvullende opmerking over abonnementen:

Oops, it was my intention to also mention subscription prices, but clearly forgot it.

The minimal configuration as mentioned above is also available for a subscription price of €380 per month. Additional users can be added for €125-145 per month.


Tja, niet voor de zzp'er of freelancer met een bescheiden omzet lijkt me zo. Minimum 6000 euro begin, mogelijk meer 10.000 euro in de praktijk. En dan de kosten per keer gebruik bij een publicatie. Afwachten wat Adobe's oplossing gaat kosten begin deze winter.

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