3 april 2019

InDesign update (14.02)!

Vandaag heeft Adobe een update voor InDesign CC 2019 beschikbaar gesteld die een hoop vervelende bugs oplost maar ook wat andere verbeteringen levert:

De belangrijkste verandering is dat in het nieuwe venster Eigenschappen de knop Meer opties nu blijvend werkt! In de vorige versie verdwenen de opties steeds ook al had je op de drie puntjes geklikt, nu is het zoals het mooi heet 'sticky': een keer open klikken en het blijft staan.

Belangrijker misschien is nog wel dat de nieuwe 'intelligente' (nou...) manier van beeld schalen nu niet meer wordt toegepast bij het updaten of opnieuw koppelen van beeld.  gelukkig blijft nu de uitsnede gewoon bewaard en schaalt InDesign niet vervangend beeld opnieuw wat toch echt ongewenst was.

En, ook niet onbelangrijk, Layout aanpassen staat nu standaard uit bij Layout / Marges en kolommen..

Verder een waslijst aan bug fixes:
  • Properties Panel ‘More Options’ should remember user settings in every session
  • Turn OFF the Adjust Layout by default in Margins and Columns dialog
  • Unable to open .icap file in InCopy 2019
  • Paragraph Return (\r) changes to ‘paragraph separator’ and the paragraph style of the first sentence changes to the paragraph style of the second sentence when the 8000th character is a Paragraph Return
  • [macOS] Text/Typeface inside the PDF turns upside down when importing
  • InDesign crashing while moving the page between two documents using the mouse pointer
  • Copying gradient from Illustrator to InDesign is not working
  • Dragged images are not placed at the right position when the spread is rotated
  • InDesign crashes on searching for Column Break character in GREP tab
  • Navigating in drop-down menus via keyboard does not show 'Highlight' of selected entry
  • New character color created in Paragraph Styles dialog is not added to the list of colors
  • Updating TOC makes some child entries merge with the parent entry
  • InDesign document looks bad if Preview background is set to ‘Match to Theme color’ at the application level
  • Same serial number should be available per user for InDesign current and older versions
  • Live font preview resets after sometime and becomes difficult to work with
  • InDesign hangs while importing a Word document containing a large number of fonts
  • During Word document import, endnotes are converted to a static text and the character style of the endnote reference number is not applied
  • Insert Text comment at the end of the paragraph is added at an incorrect place on importing PDF comments
  • Use Spacing option in Align panel becomes grayed out
  • InDesign on Windows should always remember the application size and position
  • PDF setting of Pages/Spreads from Preset is not honored in Publish Online.
  • Content Aware Fit should not be applied when links are updated.
  • InDesign crashes while deleting a text frame that contains an inline
  • InDesign crashing while adding a QR code in the last cell of the table
  • InDesign crashes when any other dialog, such as File > Open, Preferences, etc. is invoked while the packaging and exporting PDF workflow is in progress
  • Intermittent crashes on invoking ‘Relink File’ from Properties panel
  • [Windows Only] Trying to open a file from ‘Recent’ tab of Start workspace, while quit for InDesign has been started, crashes the application
  • InDesign crashing when deleting and reimporting pdf comments
  • [Windows only] InDesign crashes on launch with "PlugPlugOwl.dll"
  • InDesign hangs on launch due to some specific set of fonts
  • InDesign crashes while saving when the disk space is low
  • InDesign crashes on clicking distribute space
  • InDesign crashing while opening the file with missing fonts
  • Font menu is showing only 6-10 fonts with 2x resolution
  • On Control panel, use spacing number field for page tool is disappeared
  • [macOS only] InDesign fails to create or open a document greater than 4.3 GB in size
  • InDesign crashing when switching to Custom Workspace
  • No space exists when an outline is created for the vertical footnote or endnote text
  • Incorrect tabbing order in Properties panel
  • Scroll bar is appearing in Font menu on applying Show favorite font filter, even when the number of fonts in the filtered list is small
  • Keyboard shortcut for 'EPUB Interactivity Preview' panel gets unassigned on clicking cancel in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog
  • Overset text in a table cell causes issues in updating the TOC
  • InDesign Server losing license frequently in production
  • Admin port does not open when InDesign Server launches using Window Service
  • Performance impact when using proxy images in print workflow
  • [macOS only] Panel text field problem with TextEditBoxWidget and MultilineTextEditBoxWidget
  • Content Aware Fit crashing InDesign Server
  • Text composition expected in threaded text frames
  • InDesign not responding when the snippet is placed twice over a document
  • Tagged text containing merged rows creates an unexpected table when placed in InDesign
  • ccolwidth attribute for cells is not honored with XML import
  • InDesign crashing while importing IDMS containing a tagged text frame
  • In Properties Panel, "Footnote and Endnote" strings are inconsistent
  • Network usage optimization to improve font menu performance in InDesign

Updaten dus!

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