9 november 2012

Weer nieuwe versie DPS tools CS6 en 5

Op 8 november verscheen weer een nieuwe versie van de DPS Tools (CS6) en Folio Panel/Builder (CS5/5.5) bij Adobe.

Alhoewel ze nog steeds niet verschijnen in mijn Adobe Update Manager zijn ze wel te downloaden vanaf de Adobe site! Het lijkt vooral een bugfix versie met enkele nieuwe functies:
(Zie ook hier voor een lijst met bug fixes).

The Digital Publishing Suite tools are updated frequently. Before you update your tools, please note that creating or editing folios using a new set of tools might cause incompatibility issues with previous versions of the viewer. SeeInstalling digital publishing tools for details.
The following features are available for the v24 release. For a compilation of release notes, see History of new feature release notes. For a list of bug fixes, see DPS Bug Fix Release Notes.
Library background downloading (iOS)
When your customers are downloading any folio in a v24 app, they can leave the app, check email or view a different folio, and then come back later to find the folio downloaded. Note that the download pauses after ten minutes. Only one folio can be downloaded at a time.
Update multiple articles at a time
  (FvdG: Eindelijk!!!)
You can select multiple articles in the Folio Builder panel and choose Update to update all the selected articles. To select articles, Shift-click or Ctrl/Command-click the articles.
Sections (authoring only at this time)
The new Sections feature will eventually allow your customers to download individual sections of a folio. For example, you can divide a folio into News, Sports, Business, Style, and Money sections, and your customers could download only the articles in the Sports and Money sections if they so choose. See Create Sections.
At this time, the Sections feature is implemented only on the authoring side. DPS viewers do not yet support this feature. The plan is for viewers to support Sections in an interim release of the DPS App Builder, tentatively scheduled for the end of November.
Disable Cover View in iPad viewer library
By default, all iPad viewer libraries include both a Grid View and a Cover View, which displays only one folio at a time. With the v24 DPS App Builder, you can select an option to include only the Grid View or both the Grid View and Cover View on iPads. (With Android viewers, you can already choose Grid View, Cover View, or both.)
DPS UI enhancements
When you create a folio, an Orientation setting is no longer selected by default. If you click OK without selecting an Orientation setting, a red box appears around the option. This change should help avoid mistakenly creating a folio with an incorrect orientation setting.
In addition, many error messages now include links that direct you to a tech note.
Folio publishing enhancements
When a folio fails to publish properly due to a server error, you can click a Retry button to resume the publishing process after the server issue is resolved.
Improvements to DPS servers
The bandwidth of the Adobe Distribution Service has been increased, resulting in improved stability and performance.
“Restore Purchases” change
The “Restore Purchases” dialog box now appears only when users choose Restore Purchases from the library options menu.
Enable caching of folio information in library (iOS)
In DPS App Builder, you can cache folio information to improve performance for apps with large libraries. Note that selecting this option can cause folio information to become out of date. For example, if you select this option and change the cost of retail folios, your library will display misleading information. This option is currently available only for subscription apps.
Improvements for Enterprise-signed apps (iOS, Enterprise only)
You can now sign an in-house application with an enterprise mobileprovision file that contains an explicit (non-wildcard) application ID. This change lets you manage the application independently from other apps in your organization.
Analytics enhancments
SiteCatalyst now makes a distinction between different types of mobile devices and different operating systems. A new URL tracking report allows you to track actual URLs, URL clicks, the source of the URL (Hyperlink overlay, Web Content overlay, or application) and how the URL is opened (in Web Wiewer, in application viewer, or in device browser). App usage reports let you track peak day/time usage of the apps and number of launches since last update.
Note: With the next DPS release (v25), the v25 viewers will no longer support iOS4. The v25 viewers will support only iOS5 or later.

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