28 januari 2021

InDesign 16.1 update


Vandaag is dan eindelijk de update naar InDesign 16.1 beschikbaar. Hier worden akelig wat nare bugs opgelost en ook is de snelheid (een beetje) verbeterd.

Ik draaide al de pre release en ik kan je aanraden op te updaten naar 16.1 

This build has the following bug fixes:

  •  Descender of characters in italic font style of variable fonts appears off when document is exported to PDF
  •     InDesign crashes on Applying Text Wrap option Select Subject in few cases
  •     Attempting to edit an asset created in InDesign from the CC Libraries panel in Photoshop or Illustrator displays some error. InDesign won’t open the object for editing
  •     [Win only] In a document with facing pages, when you set the text direction from right-to-left, the numbers in Pages panel display a weird encoding or extra characters
  •     Spellchecker causes InDesign to hang when the cursor is placed between fullstop (.) and (|) symbol in the document
  •     [Win only] The horizontal mouse scroll over the input elements in the Create New Document dialog won’t change the values incrementally
  •     [Win-only]InDesign crashes in ‘CRClient.dll’ module
  •     InDesign crashes on launch in some cases
  •     Enabling Preview of a document causes Create New Document dialog to lose focus
  •     InDesign 2021 crashes while converting older .indd files which were shared for review and had review comments
  •     InDesign crashes on launch on some Windows machines
  •     Panel Widget has misplaced icon image after porting plugins from InDesign 2020 to InDesign 2021
  •     In the Document Setup dialog and the Properties panel in the Middle Eastern version of InDesign, the Right-to-Left binding direction displays a wrong icon
  •     Performance improvements in Scrolling/Zooming/Redraw
  •     Issues in Creating New Review for a document with an existing Review
  •     Footnote text not visible on page layout in some cases
  • Translation typo in French version: The first letter of “commentaires” in the Window menu is not in capital
  •     The Background Tasks panel and the spinning wheel continue to show as ‘Activating Font’ even after the font is activated and displayed correctly in the document
  •     InDesign crashes on launching and quitting multiple times
  •     Translation typo: The “Preview” check box is not translated to “プレビュー” on Tatechuyoko, Shatai, and Ruby dialogs
  •     CLSID error in 16.0.1 pre-release build: InDesign won’t start from COM Interface
  •     Text copied from the document and pasted in the Share for Review panel gets pasted twice
  •     Trouble in typing comments in Korean when the Review panel is accessed using the Window menu but works fine when accessed through the Share for Review icon in the application bar
  •     Break in Japanese and Korean versions of CC Libraries: An extra and untranslated “plusdrag” tooltip appears on hovering over the plus icon in a new library in the CC Libraries panel
  •     Translation typo in Swedish version: Wrong translation of “Endnotes”
  • The Merge Consecutive border option in Paragraph Borders and Shading does not work when the first paragraph is in column 1 and the next begins from the top of column 2
  • Some Composite Japanese font characters with stroke applied are missing when exported to PDF
  • InDesign crashes when opening older .indd files with review comments
  • InDesign crashes on saving if the underlying file is deleted in the back
  • Switching from workspace to Home screen and back loses the set workspace
  • InDesign crashes on launch in some cases
  • In some variable fonts, the width slider freezes in part of its range.


21 januari 2021

Overvloei isoleren en Groep uitnemen: uitgelegd in een video


Het zijn voor veel gebruikers nog steeds raadselachtige opties in het venster Transparantie: Overvloei isoleren en Groep uitnemen.

In de onderstaande video leg ik uit wat deze opties precies doen.