22 september 2009

InDesign CS4 6.04 nu uit

Een tijdje geleden had ik het al over de 6.04 update, nu is deze voor iedereen te downloaden bij Adobe!

De befaamde importeer-optie Word en stijlmapping is opgelost!

en verder:

* Fonts are not getting embedded in documents exported to Digital Editions from InDesign.
* Drag & Drop problem when dragging from a PowerPC application to InDesign on an Intel Mac.
* InDesign unable to package CMYK files for EPS (DCS1.0) format.
* JPEG export of direct selected image results in image being cropped by containing frame.
PDF files with certain font encoding characteristics, have glyphs drop out or appear as boxes in their text, when placed into InDesign, exported to PDF, and viewed in Acrobat 8.x or earlier, or PDFL 8.x and earlier based RIPs.
* PDF Export: Master page items fail to draw if they sit atop another page item that crosses master spread page boundaries.
* Applied Photoshop EPS clipping path is lost when relinking to the same file.
* InDesign scripting will not return any link information about images placed inside of .INDD docs that are placed inside another .INDD doc.
* Empty text frames and cells exported to IDML or to libraries are losing all user defined text attributes.
* Custom style mappings are not being applied when using Word import presets.
* Data merge fails to replace place holders with appropriate text from data source.
* Spell check performance issues when using “Ignore All” multiple times.
* Unexpected exit in AdobeLinguistic when spell checking.
* Place Date displayed Link Info panel is different in Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time.
* Type on a Path fails to draw in output (PDF, Print, JPEG) on the 35th and subsequent spreads.
* Exporting a story containing an index marker to RTF results in unexpectedly quits.
* Secondary links to InCopy .ICML files are not shown as part of placed .INDD file in links panel.
* Duplicate links appear after packaging Book.
* Pathfinder tool does not work on any object selection after page 12.
* INX/IDML Round trip of converted documents results in graphics taking on the Basic Graphics Frame object style instead of the None style as in the original document.