20 juli 2010

Adobe (InDesign) en de iPad - vervolg

Op het 'blog' van Adobe is dit te lezen (origineel is hier):

Creating Digital Magazines

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Earlier this year when WIRED Magazine launched its digital edition (and sold more issues than the newsstand version without cannibalizing print sales) we noted that it was created with InDesign CS5 along with new publishing technologies. Today, we've released a short video that overviews these new technologies, including more detail on how they fit into the digital magazine authoring workflow.

Late this summer, we'll post these new publishing technologies on Adobe Labs so a broad set of media, corporate and retail catalog publishers will be able to create compelling content experiences. Using this Digital Magazine Solution, these publishers can create immersive content without having to hire additional developers or invest in extensive retraining for staff. Publishers can add interactivity without writing code via InDesign and create monetizable digital magazines for the Apple iPad – with other platforms and devices expected in the future.

InDesign CS5 + Digital Content Bundler

As mentioned, Adobe InDesign CS5 software is the central component of the workflow. Using InDesign CS5, design teams create layouts and add interactivity. With layouts in hand, production teams package the assets using the new Digital Content Bundler utility that allows publishers to import vertical and horizontal InDesign CS5 layouts, add metadata, (article title & description, issue number, etc.) and export them into a new ".issue" format. Although creating both horizontal and vertical layouts is not an absolute requirement, we expect that publishers will want to do so in order to take advantage of the tablet form factor and have the content rotate along with the device.

The ".issue" Format + Digital Content Viewer

This new .issue format is a compressed file format that contains vertical and horizontal magazine layouts, metadata, code to enable interactivity, and associated assets (images, video, etc.) Once the layouts have been packaged into the .issue format, the file is then rendered and displayed to the end-user using a publisher-branded Digital Content Viewer. The WIRED Reader, for example, is the first instance of a publisher-branded viewer. This Digital Content Viewer allows readers to interact with and navigate through the magazine content (including via the innovative "browse" mode). Previously we announced the Digital Content Viewer for Apple iPad; in the future we also expect to develop the Digital Content Viewer on Adobe AIR for desktops and other devices.

Adding Interactivity

With the Digital Magazine Solution, publishers are able to retain the design fidelity of a print magazine and add the interactivity of digital – captivating reader attention and creating an immersive content experience. Using the Adobe solution, designers and production teams can add interactivity like slideshows (multi-state objects) and video to magazine layouts using InDesign CS5. At present, adding advanced interactivity (like 360° image rotations, and image panning/zooming) requires the use of a separate AIR utility, the Interactive Overlay Creator. Over time, however, the functionality in the Interactive Overlay Creator will be integrated into future versions of InDesign.

Availability on Adobe Labs

In late summer, we'll be posting the publishing technologies involved in the magazine workflow – including the tools for adding advanced interactivity and bundling content – on Adobe Labs at http://www.adobe.com/go/digpublabs Documentation that details the process for integrating this new technology into your existing publishing workflows will also be made available on Labs.


Vooral het 'issue' gedeelte doet aan de Woodwing oplossing denken.

Het wordt dus een beetje gokken waar je straks je 'scholing' moet gaan halen: Woodwing of Adobe zelf.

Ikzelf wacht het nog even rustig af tot na de zomer, dan gaan we maar eens inventariseren wat de mogelijkheden zijn, meteen wat te doen na de vakantie ;-)

Een promo-filmpje vind je hier.

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