20 november 2018

De... opgeloste problemen van InDesign CC 2019!

Vandaag kwam Adobe uit met een bugfix voor InDesign CC 2019, build versie 14.01.209.
Gelukkig maar, want de vertraging waar ik het over had in het vorige bericht was niet best natuurlijk...

In de laatste update is het volgende verbeterd:

  • Failed to export PDF with PDF X1-1a:2001 and PDF X3-1a:2002 when PDF containing embedded Type 3 fonts is placed
  • Export to PDF converts text to All Caps with certain Fonts
  • Nested styles working incorrectly
  • InDesign crashes when using Content Aware Fit
  • Performance improvement of Text tool
  • InDesign crashes on importing word file
  • InDesign crashes on switching context after dismissing Tint slider in the Properties panel
  • InDesign crashes while applying styles from the Properties panel when document has missing fonts from Adobe Fonts
  • InDesign crashes on launch due to invalid certificates
  • InDesign crashes while importing some PNG files
  • Color settings in InDesign revert to default
  • Control Panel becomes blank upon resizing
  • Clicking document installed font from font list shows a message to “Activate Font” and doesn’t change font
  • Applying font style from the Find More tab appends style name in the font family field
  • Extra space is added between characters while creating outline
  • Adding changing formatting of text in anchored text box with auto-fit height enabled causes program to crash
  • A few other top reported crashes with InDesign 14.0 related to NGL, content aware fit have been fixed.

Updaten dus maar!

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