24 januari 2022

inDesign versie 17.1 update is beschikbaar


Vandaag kwam InDesign versie 17.1 beschikbaar.

Een update waarin behoorlijk vervelende bugs zijn opgelost. Zo snel mogelijk installeren deze update!


Stability and Performance

  • InDesign crashes on loading CEP plugins.
  • InDesign 2022 crashes on launch or while quitting in some cases.
  • InDesign takes a long time to open some documents with extra file metadata.
  • [macOS Only] Table performance slows down when the Application Frame is enabled.

  • Incorrect rendering of glyphs of variable fonts when exported to PDF.
  • Colors in the printed document are slightly different than in Acrobat when PDF exported from InDesign had DeviceN color settings set to Lab.

User experience

  • Few icons in the Links panel are of low contrast.
  • InDesign 2022 is not selecting the correct PNG for Display Resolution.
  • [mac OS only] Resizing/Truncation issues with Object Layer Options dialog.
  • [macOS only] Fill & Stroke panels are truncated at Large UI Scaling.
  • Removal of Ai and Ps icons from Keyboard Shortcuts dialog in InCopy.
  • Improved appearance of icons, adornments, and readouts.
  • Rollover icons are not shown when the rollover icon is different from the base icon.
  • [macOS only] Text in Story Editor overlaps while scrolling down using the scroll bar.

SDK and Scripting Support

  • InDesign hangs due to an issue with SDK resulting in a loop condition.
  • Compilation errors after updating to MS Visual Studio 2019 to 16.10.2
  • Changes to SVG Icon documentation in the SDK.

Core feature and workflow

  • [macOS only] Unable to rename Object states in the Object States panel.
  • [macOS only] Text sometimes disappears while typing or editing.
  • Text flow is inappropriate and pages are skipped randomly.
  • In-App Message shows incorrect count for Type 1 Fonts.
  • Delay in applying the "rvrn" OpenType feature for Variable fonts.
  • Incorrect text selection for J variable font Tazugane.
  • InDesign shows duplicate color profiles after placing CMYK images.
  • [masOS Only] Redrawing issues in InDesign while placing the PDF or RTF file in CPU Mode.
  • Share for Review links are not accessible for some users.
  • Tools and commands stop responding to user inputs after interacting with messages shown in the application.
  • Update Link in Share for Review does not work the first time it is used.
  • Creating Share for Review link shows error for some documents.

Improvement to new features

  • Tracking values in the "Extract from" Image dialog are now expressed as "Thousandths of an em" instead of decimals.
  • Screen glitches appear on doing certain operations on hi-res monitors.
  • Screen glitches appear while using the Gap tool.
  • Pixelated/Blurry appearance of text in some menu entries.
  • Resizing issues with the Media panel.

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