16 mei 2011

Adobe DPS (iPad): de prijzen update...

Mocht je het nog steeds niet kunnen geloven, hier de prijzen, actueel 15 mei 2011. Eropese prijzen in Euro.

Below is an update to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite pricing based on market feedback as well as further details on the services included in Digital Publishing Suite.

Important! Please remember that the services provided to Digital Publishing Suite prerelease program participants will close shortly.  In order to maintain service, please sign up for a commercial Digital Publishing Suite account.  Details below.

Technical Support now included with Digital Publishing Suite Platform Fees

Adobe Gold Technical Support is no longer a separate required purchase, but will now be included in both the Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise and Professional Edition platform fees at no additional charge.  The included support will cover technical issues related to the Folio Producer Service, Distribution Service, Viewer Builder Service, Analytics Service and Adobe Content Viewer.  Adobe Gold Support includes phone, email and web-based support on a 24x7 basis with response time from 1 business day to 1 hour depending on priority.  Professional and Enterprise Edition customers can name up to 4 authorized contacts who can access support.  Additional support contracts can be purchased separately.  Please note that technical support for InDesign or the Creative Suite will require a separate technical support plan which will also cover the Folio Producer tools. Support for InDesign and the Creative Suite is separate from support included with Digital Publishing Suite.

The Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise Edition platform fees also include technical support to address issues related to included APIs that enable extensibility and customization of Digital Publishing Suite.  This includes email and web-based support Monday through Friday.  Enterprise Edition customers can name up to 4 authorized contacts who can access this support.

Starter package of 5000 .folio fulfillments now included with Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise and Professional Editions

Both the Digital Publishing Suite Professional and Enterprise editions platform fees now include 5000 .folio fulfillments.  Digital Publishing Suite customers can create both single and multi .folio applications. With the additional fulfillments now included in both Enterprise and Professional platform fees, Digital Publishing Suite customers can fulfill 5000 .folio files to multi .folio applications.  Enterprise and Professional Editions customers can purchase additional bundles of .folio fulfillments at either the time of account signup or at any time in the future as long as accounts are active.  Please note, the 5000 .folio fulfillments are only available as part of the initial  (year 1) agreement and are not included with subsequent contract renewals.  Customers will be required to purchase additional .folio bundles at a tiered level when the 5000 fulfillments are used.  Purchase of .folio files bundles will allow customers to take advantage of volume discounts.  Customers who only want to publish single .folio applications are not required to purchase additional .folio bundles.

Pricing for Digital Publishing Suite Accounts

Platform Fee

Adobe charges a license fee for access to Digital Publishing Suite services and regular upgrades to software and services.  This Platform Fee includes:

  • Access  to core Digital Publishing Suite services and updates
  • Adobe Gold technical support to cover Digital Publishing Suite services
  • Technical support for those developing on the Digital Publishing Suite platform
  • A one-time grant of 5000 .folio files fulfilled to multi .folio branded application(s)

Digital Publishing Suite Platform Fees are dependent on purchase of either the Professional Edition or the Enterprise Edition:

  • Professional Edition at $495 / €355 / ¥50,000 per month
  • Enterprise Edition starts at $3,995 / €2,875/ ¥450,000 per month and scales up depending on the scope of the corporate license coverage

Platform Fees are billed on an upfront annual basis not on a monthly basis.

Service Fee

Adobe charges a fee to deliver and fulfill .folio files to the devices that Adobe supports.  This is referred to as the “service fee”.  Fulfillments from the Distribution Service are required to fulfill .folio files only to multi .folio applications. Bundles of .folio files can be purchased either at the time of signup of a Digital Publishing Suite account or at any time in which a Digital Publishing Suite account is active.  The Distribution Service is not required to fulfill single .folio applications.  Fulfillments from the Distribution Service are purchased in advance of delivery of .folio files.  The more you buy, the larger the discount on a per .folio file delivered basis.

The schedule for the Service Fee is:

Service Fee (Annual Issues Delivered)                               Upfront Payment 
25,000    (@ $0.22/€0.16/¥25)                                                $5,500 / €4,000 / ¥625,000
250,000  (@ $0.15/€0.11/¥17)                                                $37,500 / €27,500 / ¥4,250,000
500,000  (@ $0.12/€0.09/¥14)                                                $60,000 / €45,000 / ¥7,000,000
1,000,000* (@ $0.08/€0.06/¥9)                                             $80,000 / €60,000 / ¥9,000,000
5,000,000(@ $0.06/€0.04/¥7)                                             $300,000 / €200,000 / ¥35,000,000
* Only available to enterprise customers 

Adobe InDesign CS5.5 & Digital Publishing Suite Overview

Adobe InDesign CS5.5 software is used to author highly interactive digital magazines, newspapers, and corporate publications in the form of a .folio file.  To create these publications you simply need Adobe InDesign CS5.5.   Digital Publishing Suite is a set of hosted services and viewer technology which allow you to publish and distribute .folio files to a wide variety of tablets and through leading mobile stores via publisher-branded applications.  In summary, Digital Publishing Suite provides:

  • Viewer Builder Service to preview, test and build branded, signed applications for iPad, Android tablets, RIM Playbook and other platforms to be introduced over time (no limited on # of apps able to be created)
  • Distribution Service to host and fulfill .folio files targeted to branded applications
  • eCommerce Service to sell content through app-provided payment systems including Apple App Store, Android Market and other integrated payment systems supported over time
  • Analytics Service to analyze and optimize editorial and advertising content using a set of included analytic reports.  Note: Omniture SiteCatalyst can also be integrated to collect analytics.  SiteCatalyst is sold separately and additional fees apply
  • Folio Producer Service integrates with Adobe InDesign CS5.5 software to organize and create production-ready digital publications
  • Regular Updates provided as part of a Digital Publishing Suite license to introduce new features, services and device and marketplace support

Note: For InDesign CS5 users, the tools required to create .folio files are available for download from adobe.com.  Access to the Folio Producer tools do not require a Digital Publishing Suite license. InDesign CS5.5 customers have access to these tablet authoring tools directly within the user interface.

Professional and Enterprise Digital Publishing Suite Accounts

Adobe offers two editions of Digital Publishing Suite: Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition. Professional Edition includes access to the services listed above.  In addition to the core Digital Publishing Suite services listed above, Enterprise Edition is designed for those who require customization and extensibility of the platform and includes access to:

  • Direct Entitlement APIs to integrate subscription and print fulfillment databases (print/digital bundles, subscriber databases etc.) where allowed by marketplaces
  • Store Customization APIs to customize the store experience in the application
  • Content Viewer Customization features including navigation controls
  • High-volume Distribution Service fee discounts
  • Adobe Developer Support


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walter bravenboer zei

Wat ik begrijp is dat de 5000 downloads een éénmalige actie is... daarna dus de volle mep. Waarschijnlijk zal het nog wel veranderen, los van de prijs zit je met DPS dus automatisch vast aan de Adobe hosting?
Denk niet dat er erg veel interesse zal zijn, zo, de mensen om me heen lopen ineens heel bleekjes na het zien van de prijzen en regeltjes...