2 mei 2013

Het is weer DPS update tijd!

Gisteren, dag van de arbeid, verscheen een nieuwe update voor Adobe DPS tools, voor CS5/5/.5/6.
Dat brengt DPS op versie 26.
Bugfixes en wat nieuwe dingen. Wat dacht je van deze!:

Asset links are now stored on the server, allowing you to use different computers to build the app without having to relink to copied assets. For example, an agency can go through DPS App Builder to specify most of the settings and files, and the client can then complete the app by specifying the certificates. When you edit an existing viewer, an "Asset stored on the server" message appears in the text field.

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The following features are available for the v26 release. For a compilation of release notes, see History of new feature release notes. For a list of bug fixes, see DPS Bug Fix Release Notes.

Free Article Preview (iPad only)

  • You can allow customers to preview content in a retail folio. Users can tap the Preview button to download and read all free articles. When a user navigates to other articles in the app, a paywall prompts them to purchase the folio. To enable Free Article Preview in a retail folio, select the "Enable Article Preview" setting in the Account Administration Tool, and use the Folio Producer Editor to mark specific articles as Free. (Free Article Preview is iPad-only and currently does not work with folios that have Sections.)

  • For a video demo, see Free Content Preview video. For an article about this feature, see Free Article Preview.

PDF article support in both Android Viewer and Desktop Viewer

  • PDF articles are now supported on Android devices and in the Desktop Viewer. On Android viewers, you can take advantage of the PDF format to reduce file size, reuse iOS folios that have PDF articles, and use pinch & zoom on article pages. In the Desktop Viewer, you can now preview folios that have PDF articles, which is especially useful to preflight your folio for errors.

  • The app version needs to be v26 or later to display PDF articles, but the folio with PDF articles can be any version. For a video demo, see the PDF Content on Android video.

(Note that this is a change to the existing AIR-based Android viewer, not to the native Android viewer that is currently in development. In addition, PDF support on Android does not include displaying PDF files in the in-app browser.)

iPad library improvements

  • Icons now appear beneath each cover preview image in the library so that users can see which content is free or retail without an extra tap. Tapping a button with a price initiates a purchase. Tapping the free button or the cloud button initiates a download. A cloud icon appears if a user is entitled to a retail folio that hasn't been downloaded.
  • Tapping the cover preview image itself still displays a preview pane with additional information. If a custom library is configured to display only entitled folios, the preview pane does not appear when tapping the cover image.
  • (Enterprise only) If your custom library displays only folios to which your customers are entitled, no preview pane appears. Tapping a cover image begins to download the folio.

Full iPhone 5 support

  • You can now create 1136x640 folio renditions to avoid letterboxing content on the iPhone 5. In DPS App Builder, you must specify an additional 640x1136 launch image (splash screen) to comply with Apple requirements for iPhone 5 apps. See Creating custom viewer apps for the iPad and iPhone.

DPS App Builder enhancements

DPS App Builder includes the following changes:

  • Asset links are now stored on the server, allowing you to use different computers to build the app without having to relink to copied assets. For example, an agency can go through DPS App Builder to specify most of the settings and files, and the client can then complete the app by specifying the certificates. When you edit an existing viewer, an "Asset stored on the server" message appears in the text field. Storing assets works only for an individual app; you cannot store assets on the server for use across multiple apps.
  • (Enterprise) When you create a custom store that takes advantage of new API features, creating a custom library is no longer required.
  • (Enterprise) If you want to continue using an older store that you've created, you can select Use Legacy Store APIs in DPS App Builder. However, if you select this option, you cannot specify a custom library.
  • The "Enable hot zone to display folio view controls" option now includes a hot zone at both the top and bottom of screen, not just the bottom.
  • There is a new option for specifying an optional privacy policy URL.
  • For information about DPS App Builder, see DPS App Builder overview.

Analytics opt-in improvement

  • If you configure the viewer to allow users to opt out of analytics data, they have the option to change their mind and opt in using the settings menu. This is supported in both iOS and Android viewers.

Web Viewer enhancements

Web Viewer now includes the following improvements:

  • Embedded Web Viewer. You can now embed shared Web Viewer articles in your Web site with new support for iframe HTML tags in DPS. Include surrounding design elements that convey a consistent, branded experience for your customers. For a video demo, see the Embed Publications within Web Sites video. For an article with detailed instructions, see Embedded Web Viewer.
  • Web Viewer-only folio. You can create a special folio rendition for the Web Viewer that appears only in the Web Viewer browser, not on the device viewer. For example, you can create a 1024x580 folio that displays only a horizontal orientation, uses terminology such as "click" instead of "tap," and replaces an unsupported panorama with a static image. See Creating a Web Viewer rendition.
  • Custom stores and custom Libraries are now supported in Web Viewer. Integrate a Custom Store and Custom Library within the Web Viewer to feature special content, offers, or promotions. Check the DPS Developer Center for information.
  • Optional privacy policy URL. You can configure a web link to your app's privacy policy. This is supported in both iOS and Android Viewers.
  • Web Viewer analytics. Analytics data is now enabled for the Web Viewer.
  • Horizontal Swipe Only support (added in v25). The Web Viewer now displays "flattened" articles that have Horizontal Swipe Only selected.

New and enhanced Fulfillment Reports

  • The Fulfillment Report on the DPS Dashboard gives publishers easy-to-understand details related to the downloads of their folio content. The Fulfillment Report now includes additional data fields to make it easier to build informative pivot tables that show how many downloads for each publication, per issue, with a total for all downloads and a breakout showing web viewer downloads separately. A new Consolidated Fulfillment Report (currently called "Rollup Report") gives administrators the fulfillment data for all publications associated with their account. Finally, all report data is now recorded daily instead of weekly.

Online purchase of fulfillment bundles

  • A new online purchase option for 10,000 Fulfillment Bundles makes it easy for publishers to ensure their account is always in good standing. Fulfillment renewals placed through a reseller or directly from Adobe can sometimes take a few days to process. To provide a faster purchase option, publishers can now buy a serial number for a 10,000 fulfillment bundle through the Adobe Store and redeem that serial number through the DPS Dashboard.

Analytics improvements

Note the following improvements to analytics:

  • Complete articles read. You can track how many readers completely read articles in a single visit.
  • TOC tracking. You can track taps on the TOC button and also identify which articles are discovered through the TOC.
  • Readers that are directly entitled by publishers. You can get data about readers who sign in to the app and obtain folios through direct entitlement. You can optionally return the reader's subscriber ID and subscriber type through the direct entitlement API. The subscriber type and subscriber ID values are passed to SiteCatalyst so that you can track how these subscribers engage with the folio.
  • Free Article Preview. When customers tap the "Preview" button to preview the issue, the number of preview button taps and the free articles that get previewed are tracked. The number of conversions after the issue is previewed is also tracked.
  • Omniture Visitor ID and Push notification token. For each reader, an Omniture visitor ID and push notification token (if the reader has opted in to receiving push notifications) is added to SiteCatalyst.
  • Web Viewer: Web Viewer information is tracked.

For more information, see Adobe SiteCatalyst DPS Report Guide.

First Folio Free API improvement

  • Enterprise publishers can now use the custom library API to configure the subscription banner to display messaging depending on whether the reader is a subscriber and can appropriately provide messaging that supports the latest free retail issue feature. For details, see the custom library SDK documentation in the DPS Developer Center.


v26 Bug Fix Release Notes (May 1, 2013)

Adobe Content Viewer

  • You are no longer signed out of the Adobe Content Viewer repeatedly and forced to sign back in, sometimes twice.
  • You are no longer signed out of Adobe Content Viewer after force quitting the application and relaunching.
  • Folio Authoring
  • InDesign no longer crashes when importing an article that has a button targeting an overlay on the pasteboard.

iOS Viewers

  • Back button now takes you from navto destination to navto source page in horizontal navigation article.
  • Pinch and zoom on a PDF article is now as responsive as previous versions of the viewer.
  • Readers can now resume downloading a folio when the folio is updated during the download.
  • Browse thumbnails are now present for HTML articles in a Single Edition application. 
  • Web Viewer
  • Video now stops at the last frame when option is selected.
  • Buttons now honor the stack order and no longer show through other overlays when the buttons should be hidden.
  • Hyperlinks to other pages now supported in web viewer for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10.
  • Various additional Internet Explorer issues were fixed, including support for hyperlinks and full support for articles that have more than 10 pages.

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